Finally, a science-based mindfulness training that changes lives in 8 WeEKS

Discover how Mindfulness Can Make Drastically Positive shifts in your Physical and Mental Health

Mindfulness is a key component of wellness
Learn practical mindfulness techniques for your self-care tool box

Research has shown that people who are more mindful are generally  happier and report less anxiety, symptoms of depression, anger, and  worries. A higher degree of mindfulness is also associated with reduced  stress and increased gratitude, hope, and vitality. 

So if practicing mindfulness holds such powerful potential for our  wellbeing, why aren’t we all doing it every day?

The reason is often that we need more guidance and support than simply  downloading an app. We need to better understand the UNDERLYING PROCESSESs and research behind mindfulness.

My new program Mindfulness X is designed to walk you through everything you need to fully understand mindfulness and experience the  profound effects it can have on your life.

In this training you will benefit from:

  • One deep-dive into a specific element of mindfulness per session
  • Information and practice integrated with research and evidence
  • Small, informal practices that help weave mindfulness into your daily routine
  • An examination of mindfulness in the broader context of life and how we perceive  things
  • Understanding the foundation of psychological processes that mindfulness rests upon 
  • A detailed handbook with worksheets and homework
  • A community of fellow participants
    The ability to ask me anything

Session 1 - Introduction, Attention and the Now
Session 2 - Automaticity
Session 3 - Judgements
Session 4 - Acceptance
Session 5 - Goals
Session 6 - Compassion
Session 7- The Ego
Session 8- Integration

Who is this program for?
This program is for you if:
  • You're curious about mindfulness and want to commit to developing a practice
  • You’ve tried meditation or mindfulness before, and it didn’t work out
  • You want to know the nuts and bolts behind the practice and approach it in a science-based way
  • You experience anxiety, stress, or trouble sleeping
  • You want to live more mindfully and feel more alive and  present

What you'll get...

👉 8 Weekly Mindfulness Lessons
👉 8 Workbooks with homework and practice
👉 Downloadable audio guided meditations
👉 Bonus Breathwork Exercises
👉 Bonus Moving Meditation Video

What people are saying

I loved how everything in this training was explained from a science-based perspective. It made  me really understand the 'why' behind what I was doing, and everything else finally just clicked.  Now, I practice mindfulness first thing every morning instead of scrolling on my phone, and my  whole day is calmer as a result."

Rebecca Bearry, 30, Marketing Manager
"Angi was incredibly patient in troubleshooting my frustrations with mindfulness, and being  part of the accountability group added a lot to my experience. My practice has come a long way. I  still have days where life takes over, but I know where I can turn to when needed."

Max Hunter, 39, Software Engineer

Got questions before you get started?

We've got answers!

How long does this program take to complete?
This is an [8 week] program

What is the format of the Mindfulness Masterclass?
Each lesson will be presented in a live weekly interactive class
If you are unable to make the live class, the replay will be available in the course vault within 24 hours. You will have 24/7 to the workbook and support community as well as the bonus content and meditations.

How much time do I need to complete the homework exercises? What will that look like?
The live interactive sessions last approx. 90 minutes and will be supplemented by homework, which includes daily practice. Mindfulness training is a practice and not a one-time lesson,  this training requires about 15 to 30 minutes a day and is most effective when regularly.  Different types of exercises include formal meditation and more informal daily practices. 

I’ve tried Mindfulness before and I’m not very good at it. How do I know that this program will be different?
At its core, Mindfulness is about starting over again and again. Even if you feel like you’re not making ‘progress’, if you have patience and try  to practice regularly to the best of your ability, your efforts will pay off.

In this program, we’ll approach mindfulness in a way that addresses all of the common stumbling blocks, and you’ll be free to share your specific concerns so we can troubleshoot them together.

Are the resources in [Mindfulness X] based on scientific evidence?
Yes. Over 3,000 peer-reviewed research studies have validated the benefits of mindfulness, and we have made sure that everything in this  program is underpinned by rigorous science and references.

What is the cost?
This price for this training is tiered to allow most to access the training. The fair market value is $500, supported access is $350 and those who have the means to support someone can pay $750.

Are there any payment plans available?
Yes, there are payment plans available, please see below for payment options

I have another question! Can I reach out?
Of course! Please feel free to email [email] and we can chat.
What'll happen after I purchase
Once you join you'll get
👉 Access to the course vault
👉 Live calls (If you signed up for live call option) 
👉Replays available within 24 hours
👉 Support
👉 Lifetime Access
👉 Bonuses videos, worksheets, workbooks, meditations
you will walk away with...
How will they feel when they're done with your program?
👉 Simple Effective Mindfulness Strategies
👉 Backed by Science

And you will have 

👉 More Presence
👉 More Authenticity
👉 More value-driven behaviors

This is what's waiting for you!

About me
I am Angi Anderson, a certified health coach, transformational life coach, mind and body coach and registered yoga teacher. I am passionate about helping others achieve their wellness goals and find better mind and body balance. I specialize in meditation, mindfulness, yoga and trauma informed somatic practices that help my clients achieve greater mind and body wellness. As a retired Air Force Veteran, I have a specific interest in helping veterans transition from military life and align their authentic values with their daily actions to help the achieve greater mind and body wellness. I have a bachelor's degree in social psychology and a master's degree in human resources development.

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