Mindfulness Assessment
Before beginning the Mindfulness course, please take this assessment, so we know where you are starting and can measure your progress as you learn additional skills
5 Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ)
The Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ; Baer, Smith, Hopkins, Krietemeyer, & Toney, 2006; Baer et al., 2008) is a 39-item, multidimensional assessment tool designed to measure a person’s level of mindfulness. The questionnaire was created based on the results of a factor-analytic study of five independently-developed mindfulness questionnaires. The analysis revealed five factors that appear to represent elements of mindfulness as it is conceptualized in the scientific literature. 

The-Five-Facet-Mindfulness-Questionnaire (1).pdf
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