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Support, Guidance, Accountability
Integral Wellness Coaching takes a holistic approach to health and well-being, addressing all aspects of the individual - mind, body, and spirit. Through personalized coaching sessions, we explore your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations, guiding you on a journey towards greater vitality, balance, and fulfillment. Drawing from a variety of holistic modalities and techniques, including nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and self-care practices, Integral Wellness Coaching empowers you to cultivate resilience, embrace change, and unlock your full potential. With compassionate support and guidance, we work together to create sustainable lifestyle habits that nourish your whole being and promote lasting wellness.
How The Program Works

I aim to support and guide individuals towards achieving their personal wellness goals. My program typically begins with an initial consultation, where I assess your current situation and identify areas for growth and development.

Once we establish goals, we work together to create a personalized action plan. Throughout the coaching program, I provide ongoing support and guidance to help you unlock your potential for personal wellness and vitality.

Start today and we can get you on your way to a healthier, happier, more vital you!

What To Expect In Your First 90 Days
Step 1: Setting Clear Goals: Reflect on your aspirations and motivations to establish attainable and time-bound goals. We'll delve into your values, strengths, and other assets to lay the foundation for your wellness journey.

Step 2: Creating a Customized Action Plan: We'll explore available options and develop a personalized action plan, breaking down your goals into manageable steps. This roadmap will outline specific actions to take, providing clarity and guidance for your journey.

Step 3: Navigating Obstacles and Building Strategies: We'll anticipate potential obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them, ensuring progress and success. Through regular accountability and tracking of successes, we'll keep you on track towards your goals.

Integral Wellness Coaching
Guidance ~ Support ~ Accountability

Integral Wellness Coaching takes a holistic approach to health and well-being, addressing all aspects of the individual - mind, body, and spirit. Our coaching sessions are designed to empower you to cultivate balance, resilience, and vitality in every area of your life.

Through personalized guidance and support, we explore the interconnectedness of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, helping you to uncover your inner wisdom and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Using a blend of evidence-based practices, mindfulness techniques, and holistic modalities, Integral Wellness Coaching encourages you to tap into your innate healing potential and create sustainable lifestyle habits that support optimal health and well-being.

Whether you're seeking to improve your physical fitness, manage stress, enhance your relationships, or cultivate a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment, Integral Wellness Coaching provides the guidance and tools you need to thrive and live your best life.

Please note, it is highly recommended that all coaching clients participate in a Premier Case Review Prior to Selecting a Coaching Package

If you don't see an option that works for you, please reach out and let me know your circumstances to see if we can work something out. If you are interested in a payment plan, please contact me, rather than using this form, I will send you an invoice for your payment options.
Ad Hoc Coaching

$ 100 

Benefits of Ad Hoc Coaching Sessions

Ad hoc coaching sessions offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to access support and guidance as needed, without committing to a structured program. Here are some benefits:

  1. Flexibility: Ad hoc coaching sessions provide flexibility to schedule sessions at your convenience, without the commitment of a long-term program. Whether you need support for a specific challenge, goal, or decision, you can book a session as needed.
  2. Targeted Support: Ad hoc coaching sessions allow for targeted support on specific issues or goals. Whether you're facing a particular obstacle, seeking clarity on a decision, or need guidance on a specific aspect of your life or business, a focused coaching session can provide valuable insights and strategies.
  3. Immediate Assistance: With ad hoc coaching, you have access to immediate assistance whenever you need it. Whether you're dealing with a crisis, feeling stuck, or simply seeking guidance in the moment, a coaching session can offer timely support and perspective.
  4. Cost-Effective: Ad hoc coaching sessions can be a cost-effective option for those who prefer a pay-as-you-go approach. Instead of committing to a long-term program, you can invest in coaching sessions as needed, making it a budget-friendly option for targeted support.
  5. Tailored Experience: Each ad hoc coaching session is tailored to your specific needs, goals, and circumstances. Your coach will focus on addressing your current challenges and providing personalized guidance and strategies to help you move forward.
Overall, ad hoc coaching sessions offer flexibility, convenience, and targeted support, allowing you to access coaching assistance whenever you need it, without the commitment of a structured program.

3 Month Coaching Package

$ 999

  1. Comprehensive Support: A 12-week package provides ongoing support and guidance throughout your entire wellness journey. Rather than a one-time session, you'll have consistent support to address challenges, celebrate successes, and navigate obstacles along the way.
  2. Sustained Progress: With a 12-week package, you'll have the time and structure needed to make meaningful and sustained progress towards your goals. The extended duration allows for deeper exploration, implementation of strategies, and integration of new habits into your daily life.
  3. Accountability and Motivation: Regular check-ins and accountability sessions throughout the 12 weeks keep you motivated and accountable to your goals. Knowing that you have ongoing support and accountability can help you stay focused and committed to making positive changes.
  4. Personalized Guidance: A 12-week package allows for more personalized guidance and tailored strategies to meet your individual needs and goals. Your coach can take the time to understand your unique challenges, preferences, and circumstances, ensuring that the coaching process is customized to you.
  5. Long-Term Transformation: Investing in a 12-week coaching package sets the stage for long-term transformation and sustainable lifestyle changes. By working consistently over a period of time, you'll have the opportunity to build a strong foundation for lasting health, well-being, and personal growth.
Overall, a 12-week coaching package offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to achieving your wellness goals, providing the support, guidance, and accountability you need for long-term success.

6 Month Coaching Package

$ 1920

Investing in a 6-month coaching package offers several advantages over a shorter 3-month package:

  1. Extended Duration: A 6-month coaching package provides an extended period for comprehensive support and guidance. With more time to work together, you'll have the opportunity to dive deeper into your goals, challenges, and growth areas, allowing for more significant and sustained progress.
  2. Deep Transformation: The longer duration of a 6-month package allows for deep transformation and lasting change. You'll have the time and space to implement new habits, overcome obstacles, and integrate personal growth strategies into your daily life, leading to profound and sustainable results.
  3. Consistent Accountability: Over 6 months, you'll benefit from consistent accountability and support from your coach. Regular check-ins, progress assessments, and accountability sessions keep you on track towards your goals, providing motivation and encouragement along the way.
  4. Holistic Approach: With a 6-month package, there's more opportunity to take a holistic approach to your well-being. Your coach can address multiple aspects of your life, including health, career, relationships, and personal development, ensuring that you experience growth and improvement in all areas of your life.
  5. Long-Term Planning: A 6-month coaching package allows for long-term planning and goal setting. Together with your coach, you can create a roadmap for your future, setting ambitious yet achievable goals and milestones to work towards over the course of six months.
  6. Value for Money: While a 6-month package may require a larger upfront investment, it often provides better value for money compared to shorter-term options. With more sessions and extended support, you'll receive a higher level of service and guidance, leading to greater overall benefits and outcomes.
Overall, a 6-month coaching package offers an opportunity for deep transformation, consistent support, and holistic growth, setting the stage for profound and lasting change in your life.

Information courtesy of Angela Anderson
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