Design your Health 
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Embark on a journey towards optimized health and vitality with our "Design Your Health Package." This comprehensive package integrates cutting-edge functional wellness tests from Designs for Health, offering personalized insights into key aspects of your health and empowering you to make informed decisions about your well-being.


🔍 Metabolomics Spotlight
Reveal your unique metabolic signature with the Metabolomics Spotlight Functional Wellness Test. Delve into the intricate biochemical pathways that govern your metabolism, uncovering insights into metabolic processing, mitochondrial function, amino acid metabolism, inflammatory response, and oxidative stress. Through comprehensive urine sample analysis, gain a deeper understanding of your metabolic status and receive targeted recommendations for lifestyle modifications and personalized support.

🔬 GI Spotlight
Unveil the secrets of your gut health with the GI Spotlight Functional Wellness Test. Dive deep into the health of your gut microbiome, exploring the intricate ecosystem of trillions of microbes that play vital roles in digestion, immune modulation, and overall wellness. This test utilizes advanced qPCR technology to assess microbial diversity, gut fungal balance, intestinal permeability, digestive function, and inflammatory status. Gain valuable insights to guide personalized dietary, lifestyle, and nutraceutical interventions for optimal gut health.

💡 Genomic Spotlight
Unlock the power of your genetics with the Genomic Spotlight Functional DNA Test. Harnessing the capabilities of the Opus23 informatics platform, this test provides unparalleled insight into your genomic landscape, identifying clinically significant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) across eight key areas of health. Discover how your genetic makeup influences methylation, structural health, cognitive function, detoxification, endocrine balance, and more. With personalized reports and real-time data interpretation, empower yourself to proactively influence gene expression and optimize your health outcomes.

Functional Testing

Bio-individual support

  3 Functional Lab Tests
  Premier Case Review (2 ninety-minute Sessions)
  Personalized Action Plan (2 ninety-minute sessions)

Design your Health Package
$ 1687
✔️ 3 Functional Labs $687

✔️ Premier Case Review (90 min) X2 $500

✔️ Functional Diagnostic Review (90 min) x2 $500

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