You are invited to participate in the Meditate for Your Memory Challenge! 

The Alzheimer's Research Foundation is hosting a free Kirtan Kriya Yoga Meditation for your Memory Challenge.
This organization is dedicated to the prevention of degenerative brain diseases and practices that support brain longevity.

This article explains the benefits of Kirtan Kriya you in brain health and longevity.
Kirtan Kriya has been found to:

 Improve Energy and Stamina
Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Depression
Improve Sleep Quality
Enhance Self-Esteem and Self Worth
Improve psychological wellbeing.
Ease learning

These are just 6 of the benefits of this practice. Kirtan Kriya meditation has been shown to mitigate the deleterious effects of chronic stress on cognition, reverse memory loss, and create psychological and spiritual wellbeing, which may reduce multiple drivers of Alzheimer’s disease risk.

You can read more about the benefits of Kirtan Kriya, hereherehere and here

  • What is this Challenge: We will practice Kirtan Kriya yoga meditation for your memory.

  • Why this Challenge: We are excited to offer a Free, online group meditation practice to jumpstart the upcoming Spring, re-energize you, and improve your focus, attention and memory.
    Why Now:
    We are kicking off 2024 with renewed energy and focus. Please come enjoy the amazing benefits you'll get from practicing Kriya Kirtan (KK) with us.

  • What's the Registration Price:
    There is none, it's FREE. We would love for you to share this event with your community... the more the merrier! 
    Special Requirements: There are no special requirements to participate. No previous experience is necessary. Every level of experience is welcome. You may practice in a chair or on a mat on the floor.
    • FAQ: 

    • What if I miss one session? No problem, join us for the following day.

    • Will we be sent a recording? No, but you can participate any day of the five days we are doing the Challenge. 

    • Is there a cost to participate? No, it's entirely FREE. We only ask that you register so we know how many people are participating.

    • Are these video sessions? Yes, they will be live on Zoom. You may choose to not be shown on video if you prefer. 

    • If you are in Arizona, the meditation will start at 1 PM.

    • If you have any questions, please contact Chelsea Pyne, Educational Programs Manager, at
    • Please join and practice Kirtan Kriya with us every day or as your schedule permits. 

    You will receive the Zoom meeting link after you complete your registration, then a reminder on the first day of the Meditation Challenge. 

    This Challenge is offered to you as part of ARPF's educational programs. If you feel called to support us, you may use this link to give a tax-deductible donation. We thank you for supporting our mission.

    Privacy Notice Disclaimer:
    This program will be broadcast live on Facebook. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may turn off your video and change your screen name.
Sign up here, for this free meditation challenge and learn first-hand the benefits of a meditation practice.
So hurry on over and sign up for this week-long challenge!

Your brain will thank you for it! The Challenge starts on Monday. 

To your Health and Wellness
Certified Brain Longevity Specialist


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