Discover your Purpose!
Do you know your purpose in life?
Discovering our purpose can greatly enhance our lives. 

When we know our purpose, it gives us a reason to get up in the morning and puts a spring into our step. When we have a purpose, we are much happier. 

Finding our purpose can give our lives more meaning. Purpose is not about a particular destination. When we find our purpose, we can inject in into every step of the journey. We know what we are here for and what we are meant to accomplish. Nothing will detract from that purpose and everything will start falling in line. 

We no longer wake up and wonder what we are going to do with our time. We no longer wake up feeling frustrated as we anticipate another stressful day chugging away at life.  Rather we look forward to doing what we love and whatever we need to accomplish each and every day.

When we are living our purpose, we have confidence because we know what we want, we know what we are here to do and everything else is just an extra part of our journey.

When I discovered holistic health as my purpose, everything else started to fall in line.
While it took a disabling health crisis to get me on the right path, as soon as I stopped resisting my trajectory, everything started falling in line. 
Opportunities revealed themselves. The money to educate myself appeared unexpectedly. Everything started to align. 

In order to heal myself, I had to make health my hobby, and then helping others find resilience and live more authentically in alignment with their own passions and purpose. became my job. 

I had to stop resisting the path that was opening up to me, and just allow it to flow. 

Now, I wake up excited each day to learn new things, spend time developing and practicing my own health habits and helping others do the same.

After years and years of doing work that I thought I loved, I finally realized that the parts I loved were long gone and all that remained was chronic stress and the toxic emotions I harbored because I was so miserable. 

Looking back at my life, I now see how all the pieces and parts lined up perfectly to put me on this path of purpose.
Several of my hobbies and interests converged into a purpose. Seemingly unrelated and no longer useful skills I developed over the years suddenly became applicable and useful in fulfilling my purpose. Like a fine tapestry, woven over time, so many pieces of my life both current and from long in my past, revealed their relevance to my purpose. 

Finding your purpose can bring many positive changes. It helps us understand who we are and helps us find useful application for all the various passions, hobbies, talents skills and knowledge we have developed. 

Many people find their purpose in Religion. Others find their purpose while pursuing their passions. My purpose was revealed to me in the pursuit of my own health and wellness. I needed to see the ways my lifestyle was contributing to my unhappiness. I needed to really understand my values and disregard all the noise, all the things society told me about how my life was supposed to be.  I needed to break my own rules and explore the why behind everything. In doing so, in living in alignment with my own instincts and passions, I discovered greater happiness and contentment than I ever thought possible previously. 

For many of us, this desire to find a purpose and discover the meaning behind it all begins to hit hard in midlife. I believe this is because it take many of us until midlife to accomplish the lower order needs, as described in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Living in alignment with our purpose is a higher order need, that motivates us towards growth, only after our other lower-level needs are met. 

We need food, and water and exercise and sleep to keep the body working effectively. 
We need shelter and safety.
We need to feel loved and like we belong to a community.
We need emotional intelligence to communicate in those relationships. 
We need skills and resources to satisfy all of those needs. 
In midlife, we have been working in a career for a few decades, or maybe changed jobs a few times. 
We have been busy learning, working and securing resources to ensure we can eat, and sleep in shelter and then, we need to be loved.
We focus our resources on relationships, and building our family and making sure they feel safe, secure and loved.
In midlife, our families change. 
Our jobs have often become routine and may no longer be fulfilling. 
By midlife, we have achieved much of what society told us were the right goals and actions.
We start to ask ourselves what else is there? Is this all there is?
We long for something more. 
We long for a purpose, to give meaning to it all. 
We are ready to uplevel our lives and we do this, by discovering our purpose. We no longer care what other people think, and we have had plenty of time to contemplate the actions of our past and how they impacted the trajectory of our lives. 

This is where purpose becomes so important.
We are getting close to retirement age. 
Our children are moving out. 
We no longer have to spend our days caring for others.
It is time to discover what where it all has led us.
That is our purpose. 

Our purpose is our PhD in life. 
It helps us take all the lessons, all the knowledge, skills abilities, talents, hobbies and passions and use them all together in an amazing way. 

I whole heartedly believe that living in alignment with our purpose is ultimate goal in the second phase of life.
When we reach this stage of life, every lesson, everything we learned by choice, or through hardship takes on new meaning. 
We finally understand what it all means. 

I am not saying we cannot be living our purpose before middle age. Actually, I believe that it is all part of the process. We need the ups and downs and the lessons combined with our passions, hobbies, talents and interests. It really is a beautiful tapestry we weave throughout life and in middle age, as we step into our crone or sage phase of life, we begin to see how it all fits together in a spectacular and very special way. 

To be honest, i tear up every time I think about it, how it all fits together. it all makes sense. It was all part of my journey and led me to my purpose. 
I wake up with renewed zest for life each and every day!

If you are ready to discover your own purpose, I would love to a partner in your journey. Book your free, no obligation strategy session today. 


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